5 Tips For The Lady Facing The DREADED Hollywood Wax

A little (or in this case ALLOT of) “area” grooming can go a long way to surprise and delight but this little procedure can be a painful one no matter how much your significant other may like it.


 Here are 5 tips to cope:

1: The right time and place.

  • Find an awesome beauty therapist “a bush whisperer” – who does it with the least amount of pain inflicted and who you feel comfortable showing your “bits” to
  • Going during that time of the month is a no no! Why?: a) awkward, b) more painful

2: Emla and cling wrap – IT IS THE FUTURE!

  • Emla is a numbing cream available at most chemists and you should all have cling wrap at home – don’t judge me just yet on this one, trust me you’ll thank me
  • Rub as much Emla as possible on the area (AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE) and do not rub in completely, there should be a thin film of cream left over the area
  • Grab your cling wrap and wrap the entire area by pulling the cling wrap around your hips and through your legs until you have a cling wrap nappy (yes beauty is pain)
  • Wait 45 minutes to 1 hour (so yes you will be walking around with a cling wrap nappy under your clothes for a while) and pop a painkiller while you’re at it.
  • Wipe off just before your appointment or tell the “bush whisperer”
  • And trust me it will be the best wax you have ever had (still a little uncomfortable but not bite on a stick and white knuckles sore)
  • AN IMPORTANT NOTE – PLAN WHEN AND WHERE YOU DO THIS: the last time I did this I was forced to execute this task in a toilet cubicle at work, this lead to a) weird looks from people waiting outside the bathroom cubicle – when you are in there for 15 minutes with the sound of pulling cling wrap things get weird b) embarrassment as no one even wanted to go into the cubicle after me and I wasn’t about to explain

Tip 3: Expect the “turn around”.

  • They will ask you to turn around – it is a Hollywood so no hair must be left unwaxed
  • Just close your eyes and bare it – excuse the pun

Tip 4: Post Hollywood care.

  • 24 hours after your Hollywood you should start exfoliating the area with a soft loofah or sponge this will help keep away in grown hairs
  • Buy a good after wax no ingrown treatment – ask your “bush whisperer” for advice on which works best

Tip 5: Go every 4 weeks.

  • This means less pain, a quicker appointment and less regrowth in the future
  • When you go back “full bush” you can expect full pain

They say no pain no gain – I say WHATEVER!



photo credit: nicola.albertini via photopin cc


My Top 5 Lady Power Songs

As a woman it is mandatory to have at least 5 power songs that make you growl “grrrrrr I AM WOMAN”, these are my top 5 picks (well the ones I pick today):

Lady Power Song 1: Destiny’s Child – Independent Women Part I

Lady Power Song 2: Beyonce – Run the World (Girls)

Lady Power Song 3: Meredith Brooks – Bitch

Lady Power Song 4: Cindy Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Lady Power Song 5: Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Let me know what your lady power song picks are? Or rate which is your favorite from these picks.

5 Vital Lady Health Checks


Every woman should ensure that she looks after herself. These 5 simple health checks can make sure you stay the healthy, confident, beautiful lady that you are:

Check 1: Visit Your Gynae.

Let’s be honest this is not a fun thing to do, but it is vital to have a pap smear every year. It is important to pick up any irregularities as soon as possible  to help prevent cervical cancer. Click here for more information.

Check 2: Check Your Breasts.

Women of all ages should do monthly breast self-examinations and women over 40 should have yearly mammograms in order to detect possible cancer early on. Learn how to do a breast self-exam here.

Check 3: Check Your Cholesterol.

High levels of Cholesterol in the blood can increase your risk of heart disease. From the age of 20 you should be having regular cholesterol checks to ensure you are not at an increased risk.

Check 4: Diabetes Screening.

Blood glucose checks are vital as they help detect diabetes or pre-diabetes. It is even more important to do this if you are carrying a few extra kilos as being overweight is one of the main causes of type 2 diabetes.

Check 5: Know Your Skin.

The sooner skin cancer is  identified, the sooner it can be treated. Check your skin regularly for new spots or changes to existing freckles or moles, if you find anything irregular make an appointment with your doctor for a proper check up. Those with skin that already has many freckles or moles should be screened yearly by a dermatologist.

Remember prevention is better than cure: Look at this link for a simple guide to all the checks you could possibly need.

How A Lady Gets Him To Keep The Toilet Seat DOWN

Once you find yourself in a long term relationship and living with your significant other you are inevitably going to encounter what I call “the toilet seat problem”. Here are 5 tips to  HOPEFULLY make this problem GO AWAY:


Tip 1: Ask Nicely.

Start by being the “good cop” – ask him nicely to please remember to put the toilet seat down after use.

Tip 2: Start Nagging.

Do what most women do best – NAG! Nag when he leaves the bathroom and it’s up, nag at the dinner table, nag in front of friends at a dinner party, nag until he can’t stand to hear about it anymore and he is forced to simply put it down.

Tip 3: Place A Sign Above The Toilet That Resembles A Public Bathroom Message.

Use emasculating  wording and bad rhymes like “put the seat down after you tinkle”, “so I don’t frown put the seat down”. Take these down when you have friends over, but maybe leave one up when his friends are around for a boy’s night – he’ll soon stop his bad habits.

Otherwise install one of these:

Tip 4: Potty Training.

One could also start using positive reinforcement training (it works for dogs so why not cavemen) – give him a treat when he remembers to keep the seat down – try a hug, maybe one of his favorite chocolates, if all else fails use more persuasive methods …

Tip 5: Desperate Times Call For A Lady To Do DIY.

If all else fails it’s time for you to do some home improvements. visit your local hardware store buy some strong double sided tape and TAPE THE SEAT DOWN! Problem solved.

“He Dumped Me” – 5 Tips On How To Survive A Break Up Like A Lady

Okay, he dumped you. You have nearly convinced yourself that he is a pathetic, horrible loser who didn’t deserve you anyway (NEARLY). Now What?


Here are my 5 top tips to get you through your break up:

Tip 1: Call A Friend – IMMEDIATELY!

Call in back up – your closest friend who will grab you tissues, be your psychologist (without the fees), reassure you that you are better off without him and who will listen. Having someone you trust around who you know won’t judge and will offer full support will make even the hardest break up feel a little better.

Tip 2: Be Sad. Be Mad.

Allow yourself to feel, suppressing feelings will only hurt you in the long run. Be sad – cry until you can’t cry anymore, play sad songs, watch rom coms, eat ice-cream. Be mad – play women power songs as loud as you can and sing as badly as you want (try a little Gloria, Kelly, Alanis or Taylor), call your trusted friend and rant, start a boxing class. The sooner you deal with these the sooner you will start feeling happy again – and that’s the most important emotion.

Tip 3: Delete EVERYTHING!

I know you have the sudden urge to stalk him on Facebook and check out every new girl he has added, I know you want to call him after a few Tequilas and confess how much you miss him. BUT DON’T! Delete every means of contact it will help you kick the “ex habit” to make sure you keep your sanity and dignity. Delete old messages, photos and anything else that will remind you of your time together (they will only upset you and make you want to go back. If he dumped you there is no need to keep reminders of him around you – move on.

Tip 4: Keep Yourself Occupied.

Keep your mind busy. Read, start projects on Pinterest, start a new hobby, go to gym, watch a new series (I watched all of Sex and The City during one of my break ups), go out with friends, take a road trip. Finding new things to occupy your time will keep your mind off the break up and help you move forward whilst adding value to your life through new experiences.

Tip 5: Give Yourself Time.

According to Carrie in Sex and The City “it takes half the amount of time you dated someone to get over them”. I don’t think dating is an exact science but give yourself time to heal before you get back up, dust yourself off and launch into into the dating world again. Take some time for yourself and reevaluate who you are and what you want without another person in your life. That way when you start dating again you won’t be talking about your ex and you’ll have a real chance at meeting someone who is right for you.

5 Simple Tips To Survive Man Flu Like A Lady

Okay so you can tell by the increasing number of groans, his inability to reach for the remote and his fake coughing, that your significant other has a dreaded case of “Man Flu“. 

So now what do you do? Here’s my 5 simple tips to deal with Man Flu – like a lady:

Tip 1: NEVER EVER EVER admit that you know.

NEVER admit you know he has Man Flu! The moment you mention this his symptoms will get worse – NO ONE needs that.

Tip 2: Show sympathy – well try your best. 

Acknowledge that he is very VERY sick (even though he clearly isn’t) and say things like: “shame baby/love/darling/{insert pet name here} you look so sick”, “is there anything I can do for you”, “I think you need a doctor”. Showing that you see he is sick will immediately lessen his symptoms – he doesn’t have to over exaggerate the coughing or nose blowing if he knows you know he is sick. Trust me doing this will give you some peace from the chronic exaggeration of his actual, very mild,  condition.

Tip 3: Pamper him.

You love him right, well maybe not at this exact moment, but you love him right! – so pamper him a little. The best way to sure man flu is to give you man a little TLC. Buy him a few of his favorite magazines, cook him some chicken soup inspired by Nigella, (Woolworths bought will also do), rub his back … you get the picture.

Tip 4: Perform eye rolling, sarcastic comments and pull faces BEHIND his back.

You are a woman who can deal with child birth, waxing and high heels so it’s not surprising you don’t understand why he is such a lame, childish, lazy, sniffling mess but as per tip 4 you love him. So when you’re in his company act like a caring motherly nurse …. but behind his back release all frustration and curse, name call and pull as many faces as you want – it will help you keep your sanity.

Tip 5: Avoid Sharp Objects and Cyanide.

Yes, you’ll want to kill him. But don’t despair, Man Flu only lasts 4 – 7 days so it will be over soon. If all else fails leave the house and call his mother.